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spyglass-imageEmployee referrals, social media, and internet job boards make up the top 3 employee recruiting channels today, yet less than 10% of companies feel they have the right program for reaching these candidates. Introducing Lingo. The easiest and fastest way to generate a pipeline for high-quality employee referrals, complete with endorsements from your current team

Lingo is a turn key, cloud-based solution designed to help you leverage your most powerful recruiting tool, your employees. By combining the most popular digital channels with our best-in-class referral marketing solutions, Lingo helps you bridge the gap between today's top talent and the careers waiting at the other end of the click.

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Employee referrals are:
  • Faster to hire
  • Less expensive to hire
  • Longer tenured

Next Generation
Employee Referrals

While today’s workforce does not want to be confined to a standard resume, employers are experiencing increased recruitment costs using traditional job boards. The time is right for a smart employee referral program that rewards employees to recruit top talent for open positions at their own company.

Lingo unlocks the recruiting potential of employees by leveraging their social networks. Employees use Lingo to earn cash by referring friends with an easy-to-use, highly intuitive app.

Employers enjoy a truly automated employee referral platform that works with just a few job postings or with thousands of postings. For smaller companies, Lingo automatically creates a career page that can be tied into your existing website. For larger employers, Lingo integrates with your existing ATS to ensure a seamless talent acquisition tech stack. Hundreds or thousands of jobs can be automatically imported using an XML feed and detailed referral program statistics are available on the employer program dashboard.

Why Lingo?

Track employee referrals, job openings, and referral bonuses – all from the simple to use mobile app.
Endorsed candidates provide greater insight into referred employees
Lingo is the first employee referral platform to feature applicant endorsements from current employees.
Employees can make referrals through the most popular digital channels, including: social media, text messages, and email.
Lingo benefits include ATS integration and custom career sites in order to provide the best possible employee referral experience.
  • We believe in referrals.
  • Set your own budget.
  • No monthly subscription costs.